January 19, 2021
Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide
Surfing in Morocco – The Ultimate Guide

Morocco is the ultimate surf destination with vibrant surf culture and countless beaches to catch the waves. From beginners to intermediate and professional, here are some of Morocco’s most popular surf spots and what to expect.

January 19, 2021
Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide

Morocco has a vibrant surf culture and has been a part of the international surf circuit since the 1960s. The season for surfing in Morocco begins in late September and lasts until April. To catch the best waves, the peak surf season is December to March when the big winter swells come alive to challenge the pros.

You can ride waves all the way down the Atlantic coast of the country as you sweep through a slew of sleepy fishing villages. Exploring these surf spots will also give you more insight into the culture of Morocco.

Many of these villages have surf schools for the curious beginner or intermediate surfer looking to improve their game. There are also tons of surf camps and retreats that exclusively cater to women, solo travelers, vegans, families, or advanced level surfers. Some are all-inclusive and many offer yoga or spa treatments.

Need a break from the Casablanca Marrakech crowds? Hit the beach to surf and explore Morocco’s beautiful coastal landscapes, meet local and international surfers plus have the ride of your life!

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide

Surfing in Morocco: Taghazout

This hippie surf mecca has some of the best North Atlantic swells out of all of Morocco’s beaches and is the most popular surf spot in the country. Surfers from all over the world travel here to get a taste of the action.

Getting there is easy transport from Essaouira or Agadir. There are numerous surf camps, most notably Surf Berbere with their stellar reputation and excellent services. Surf shops are everywhere so you can easily rent equipment or purchase necessary supplies.

There are also plenty of surf schools and retreats to choose from where you can learn from professionals or brush up on your skills.

The diverse waves here are excellent for all levels. Spots like Banana Point and Devil’s Rock are great for beginners.

Experienced and adventurous surfers can challenge their skills at Killer Point, the most consistent point break in Taghazout, or Boilers, known for its fast-right handers. Anchor Point is infamous for its powerful point break.

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide


For a less crowded surf experience, head south about 9km from Taghazout to Tamraght, a small and charming fishing village located near banana plantations. This is a great place to stay on a budget and all the surf spots are within walking distance. It’s more chill than Taghazout but has just as many awesome surf spots without the overcrowding if you plan on surfing in Morocco.

The break here is varied so it’s good for all levels. Beginners can ride the small swells at Banana Beach or venture next door to Devil’s Rock where there are a variety of waves to surf. Spiders have a fast and shallow reef break where you can shred your heart out but be advised it’s for advanced surfers only as it’s a powerful ride.


This is the place for thrill seekers, best for expert surfers as it has one of the strongest high tides in Morocco.

It also has the region’s best wild beaches. Great place to come with a group since it’s relatively isolated and not many people come here.

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide


The ultimate surf hideaway, this remote location has one of the longest breaks in the world. Imsouane lies between Essaouira and Taghazout. It’s less touristic than most surf spots in Morocco and if you’re looking for a crowd-free, peaceful surf experience, this is the place. There are two main surfing spots: La Cathedrale with its beach break and reef break waves and La Bay with point break waves. This is the ideal spot for surfers of all levels as the waves here are smooth and easy to ride. The sandbanks make it a great spot for beginners


A break beach that is suitable for all levels, the waves here are always in motion. It’s about a one-hour drive south of Agadir and many surfers ride here since the waves are super consistent. Keep in mind it can get pretty busy here and the currents can get strong so be alert.

Sidi Kaouki

This is one of Morocco’s most popular surf destinations with its long, sandy beach and consistent, strong winds.  It’s very close to Essaouira, but not overcrowded. The waves here are awesome so be prepared for some pretty powerful breaks along with a strong current. Intermediate to advanced surfers will enjoy the challenges, but it’s not the safest conditions for beginners.


Located on the other side of the Essaouira Bay, lies Safi with its strong winds and currents, tricky and massive waves plus rocky terrain make this surf spot an ideal destination for pro surfers. The Garden/Le Jardin is an exposed point break and is considered Morocco’s most powerful tube.

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide


The beaches here have a soft, sandy bottom so it’s the perfect surf spot for beginners and intermediate surfers. Morning is the ideal time to ride since by afternoon, the winds kick up and kite surfers and windsurfers start to crowd in. Essaouira has a large surfing community so you can swap skills and share tips.  There are also several surf schools and shops that offer lessons and rent out equipment.


Breakaway from the crowds and explore this gorgeous peninsula in the Western Sahara where the Sahara Desert meets the Atlantic Ocean. Surfing here is a great way to follow up on your Sahara Desert trip. Surrounded by a wild and rugged coast, Dakhla offers perfect surfing conditions for all levels. Oum Lamboiur is a world-class wave spot located on the oceanside and offers a great balance of wind and waves for an enjoyable surf experience for all levels. Dragon is another surf spot with an incredible left-hander wave.


With a consistent flow of waves, sandy, pristine beaches, and a rural village, Mirleft makes the perfect surf getaway. You’ll definitely need a car to reach here since it’s pretty secluded. You’ll find strong swells even during summer so it’s always surf’s up here.

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide Agadir

Getting to these surf destinations

Unless you have your own ride, the easiest and most direct way to reach these amazing surf spots is booking a reservation with Souk to Surf. This shuttle bus and taxi service is reliable, affordable, and fast so you won’t waste time trying to figure out how to get around and can save your energy for surfing!

Sahara Desert Tour - Surfing Experience in Morocco - The Ultimate Guide

What to Bring for Surfing in Morocco

Sunscreen is a must, especially one with zinc oxide. The sun in Morocco is stronger than you may think so protection is super important. Although you may be able to find it here, it’s likely that it will be expensive. A Medical Kit and Probiotics are always good to have handy just in case of an emergency.

Local Currency/Cash since many of these surf spots are remote locations so you won’t find any ATMs or banks nearby. Many surf camps allow you to charge will your credit card, but cash will always come in handy especially for small purchases. Warm Clothes in case of an unexpectedly chilly night even in summer the weather can cool off pretty fast after the sun goes down.

Whatever your level, amateur or professional, you will discover Morocco has some of the best surfing in the world with thrilling rides, epic waves, and always good vibes.