February 2, 2021
Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Desert Tour for Kids
Kids Activities in and around Marrakech

Marrakech will keep your kids engaged with fun and exciting kids activities. From traditional crafts workshops to sculpture parks and desert adventures, your kids will keep busy and have fun learning about Moroccan culture.

February 2, 2021
Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Desert Tour for Kids

Traveling with kids around Morocco is safe and exciting.  Morocco is full of fun kids activities that will capture your child’s imagination while introducing them to a new culture.  Marrakech is ideal for kids; full of eccentric and colorful souks, inspiring historical sites where they can learn about the culture of Morocco.  There are also several parks and gardens to let them loose. Here are some top picks to check out for guaranteed fun and unforgettable memories!

Djemma el Fna

At the heart of the square in Marrakech is the fascinating Djemma el Fna.  This is a place where dreamers dwell and entertainers spark the imagination of locals and tourists. A truly authentic experience where street performers gather to wow the crowds. Every day is like a carnival. Your kids will be in awe of master snake charmers, acrobats, dancers, and musicians.  Countless food and drink vendors are everywhere, so everyone can enjoy some local grub and be entertained. Some of the street merchants sell souvenirs so the kids can pocket a memory instead of a snake!

Sahara Desert Tour - What To Do and See in Fez - Djemma el Fna

Anima Andre Heller Gardens

How about taking the kids on an art excursion in an enchanting garden?  Just outside of Marrakech is the spectacular Anima Garden created by multi-disciplinary artist, Andre Heller. The kids will marvel at the beautiful and bizarre contemporary sculptures that live amongst the botanical wonders of the garden.  This is a great way for the entire family to escape into nature while igniting young imaginations and encouraging play.  There is a free shuttle bus so you won’t have to worry about having to haggle a cab fare.

Tickets for entry into the garden can be purchased online ahead of time. This magical garden is full of fragrant, exotic flowers and plants, colorful sculptures, and stunning views of the Atlas Mountains. It’s sure to be a memorable experience for the little ones and the grown-ups too.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Anima Andre Heller Gardens

Escape to Nature in a City Park

Marrakech has several parks so when the time comes for a much-needed break from the frenzied city, just head to the nearest park.  The kids will delight in being able to run free and parents won’t have to worry about traffic or losing their kids in a sea of strangers.  Take some downtime for Mom and Dad too! Maybe sneak in a quick nap or have a snack break.

Cyber Park is free and an excellent choice since it has plenty of shaded areas to keep cool and fountains that provide a relaxing visual. Parc Lalla Hasna is also free and is a lush green space with fountains, flowers and palm trees. It’s a great place to birdwatch and relax. Located just near the historical Koutoubia Mosque and Djemma El Fna.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Escape to Nature in a City Park

Quad Biking Adventures

Thrilling for the entire family and a great chance to explore away from the crowds. There are several quad biking adventures available just outside Marrakech. Explore palm groves and visit Amazigh/Berber villages for a truly authentic experience.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Quad Biking Adventures

Take a Desert Tour

Explore the desert in Morocco, an unforgettable experience for kids and grown-ups. There are many options and routes to choose from that depart from Marrakech. For a day trip, take a camel tour through the Agafay Desert. Looking to get away with the kids for a couple of days, book a private or shared tour to the Zagora Desert. You can also choose a Marrakech Sahara Desert tour for a full desert journey with the family.


Oasiria Water Park

Cool off in the pools at Oasiria, a popular water park focused on family fun. There is a wave pool, swimming pool, water slides for kids and adults, a lazy river (where you will literally just float along in a plastic donut), and a children’s park where kids can run off any extra energy before hopping back in the pool.

Located just 4km from Marrakech city center, the company provides a free shuttle bus and tickets can be purchased online sometimes you can get a reduced price when the timing is right. Oasiria is the perfect place to spend a hot day away from the city or a break from sightseeing to recharge the family before continuing on with your travels.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Oasiria Water Park

Amazigh/Berber Cultural Center

Spend a day with a local Amazigh/Berber family to experience how they live their day to day.  This is an adventure for the whole family as everyone will learn more about Amazigh/Berber culture.  The kids will help partake in daily activities like milking goats, cooking a meal and weaving a rug. This is an authentic experience for everyone and a great opportunity for your children to meet and play with local children. Amazigh/Berber Cultural Center also serves as a bed and breakfast, so should your family want to extend your stay and spend the night, there are proper accommodations provided by a wonderful Amazigh/Berber family. This is a great way to support a local family and culture.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Amazigh/Berber Cultural Center

Terres D’Amamar Eco Adventure Park

For active families who love the outdoors and sports, this is a fantastic place to burn some energy and learn about Amazigh/Berber culture. There are plenty of outdoor activities to choose from so no one will get bored and everyone is sure to enjoy. Hop the zip lines and or take a camel tour. This is also a great way for your kids to meet other kids from other countries so it’s a bit of a multi-cultural experience.

Some of the activities are archery, ariel rope sliding, camel and horse rides, mountain bike trails and hiking. There is also a children’s activity center that offers craft workshops like carpet weaving, cooking Berber cuisine, copper beating.  All activities are guided by professional and experienced staff.  There is also a swimming pool and hammam for post-adventure relaxation.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Terres D’Amamar Eco Adventure Park

Experience Henna Art

For a little bit older children and teenagers, getting a henna tattoo is awesome!  There are no needles involved, just an all-natural, chemical-free henna paste (a brownish-red ink made from the henna plant) and the skill and talent of a local woman who will decorate your hand with an amazing work of art. The Marrakech Henna Art Café is a safe and trusted place to get your henna artwork and enjoy a delicious meal of authentic Moroccan cuisine.

Sahara Desert Tour - Kids Activities in and around Morocco - Experience Henna Art

Overall, there are endless activities for kids in and around Marrakech.

They will learn facts about Morocco culture in a fun way and make memories that will last a lifetime.